3 Things Georgia Must Do To Overcome an Aging Logistics Force

Atlanta recently hosted the Georgia Logistics Summit with more than 2000 attendees.  A recurring theme was, the state has a healthy, growing logistics industry, but there is an underlying issue may derail this progress. According to WABE, 72% of participants polled said that they were experiencing a labor shortage.

The shortage of talent poses a huge issue to the growth of the logistics industry in Georgia. The workforce is aging and with upwards of 9500 job openings a year employers are struggling to attract new talent to the logistics field.

What can employers do to engage a younger generation and attract them to this booming industry?

  1. Introduce Logistics to Younger Students

The logistics industry has an image problem. Logistics does not just mean truck driver any more. There are a multitude of career paths and upward mobility opportunities that students are never exposed to.

Encourage educators to incorporate more stories of success from the logistics industry into the classroom and curriculums. The fast paced environment of large port or the automation of an Amazon distribution center is an exciting thing to witness. Let’s give students more opportunities to get excited about the logistics involved.

  1. Create More Opportunities for Early Work Experience

Not everything can be learned in a classroom. The education system and logistics industries need to work together to get students in the field earlier. Internship programs and co-op experiences can prepare them for a successful career straight out of school. Other industries have embraced experiential learning, but students have very few opportunities to get a logistics career started early.

  1. Embrace New Hiring Methods

It is harder than ever to attract the right candidate. The explosion of online job boards, and job finding mobile apps has changed how younger candidates look for a job. Engage potential employees where they spend most of their time, on their smart phones. Platforms, like StaffWRX, allow you to engage and hire vetted talent with just a few clicks.

If you are ready to start building a better workforce, StaffWRX curates a list of the best candidates for your open position and then you pick who you see fits best.  We handle all of the compliance and payroll while you get to focus on running your core business.

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